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We are the designated marine machinery service agency as of M.H.I. We provide business in aftersales service maintenance and selling various kind of hydraulic equipments not only domestic market but also expanding in oversea market.

Moreover, the project and the development of the design fabrication of the hydraulic power unit and the environmental equipment, remodeling, maintenance are also broaldy progress.

M.H.I. Shimonoseki Product(=Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems)

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  • Windlass
  • Mooring Winch
  • Deck crane
  • various Winch
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Wire rope of deck crane
  • Hyd.Rubber hose

M.H.I. Nagasaki Product(=Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Equipment)

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  • Steering gear
  • Fin stabilizer
  • MET turbocharger
  • Cable engine
  • Boiler

M.H.I. Takasago Product

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  • Cargo oil pump
  • Water jet propulsion

Introduction of Groups

Technical Service Group

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The service group corresponds promptly to all places, such as a shipyard, a harbor, a on board ship, etc. of domestic and overseas, and construction. There are five bases including domestic and overseas.
Domestic-Tokyo, Kobe, Shimonoseki, Nagasaki, Overseas-Singapore
With the South Korean steering maker's Yoowon Ind, & the China deck machinery maker's Nantong Masada Ship Machinery Co.,Ltd, and parts supply and construction.

Parts Supply Group (Business Group)

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Parts Supply Group took M.H.I. and always close cooperation and aims early estimated and quick delivery.
Moreover, abundantly, and urgent shipment organization is built. (Deck machinery/Deck crane/Steering gear/MET Turbocharger /Yoowon Ind. Steering /Nantong Masada Ship Machinery Co.,Ltd parts)
Domestic-Tokyo, Kobe, Shimonoseki, Nagasaki, Overseas-Singapore

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